Sunday, July 7, 2013

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Sorry if any of you got spammed.  My sister said that a post claiming to be from this blog showed up from "Angie" on Feedly. I have no idea how that happened.

We're getting settled in at the new house, the fence should be installed next week which will make everything a LOT easier.  Penny and Jack are kind of going nuts.  Penny has a small dog run, but she can't really get much exercise in there because she spends the whole time scratching at the garage door to get back in.  Jack has done a pretty good job of staying in the yard, but he doesn't know that he's little (having older sisters will do that to you) so if I'm not careful he'll just take off down the street to look for the neighbor's cat, or to look at the little Mickey Mouse fountain that the neighbors have.  *sigh*

We kept our old house as a rental, and we had some interesting folks come to see it.  My favorite was the woman who called and said, "I know you're asking for X, but I can only afford X/2, so if you're willing to rent it for that I'd love to rent from you."  I was like, "I"m sorry, that's hundreds of dollars below our break-even point, there's NO WAY I can rent it to you for that."  "Oh, well if you change your mind...."  Um, no.

The other good story involved a guy who gave me the wrong first name (he said his middle name was Y Z, but it was actually X Z, and Y was his middle name, which I found out when I looked him up on the county's website).  I also found that he had $20,000 worth of debt that had gone to court over the past 10 years - showing a habitual pattern of not paying his bills, as well as a couple of assault charges and generally more criminal history than I was comfortable dealing with - especially considering that there's a school two blocks away!  When I confronted him and said that I'd need first and last month's rent, plus the security deposit, he got all hostile with me.  Dodged that bullet.

Oh, and there were the 36 year old twins who were dressed identically and who talked over each other constantly, so it was like having two conversations with the same person at once.  That one made my head hurt!  (Also, they were guys).

In the end, we found a wonderful family that's moving in from out of state.  They have a daughter Claire's age and a four year contract at the university.  I'm super hopeful that they'll stay for the whole four years -that would be amazing, because trying to find a tenant SUCKS.

Right.  So we'll see how it is being landlords.  We have a couple more weeks to get the rest of our crap out of the old house (currently the garage, the shed, half of the play structure, and the contents of the attics - stuff I couldn't get on my own and BJ's back has been too bad to get) and get the projects done over there.  We have a lot of projects to do over there, which is why I haven't had much time to post, lately.  I've been on Facebook quite a bit, though, you can always look for me over there.  Facebook is easier to do from my phone.

All right, time to get this day on the road.  Need to get showered and go take down the rest of the play structure.  Thanks for sticking around during this transition.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the tenant works out great for you! We rented out our townhouse last year and moved up to a single family house and it has been great. With the mortgage companies being so concerned about who they loan money to these days, there are a lot of great folks looking for a place. Hope more people go that route.