Wednesday, October 2, 2013

School Pictures

Dear People,

In the interest of being able to send the children to college one day, I have elected to never ever ever buy prints of their school pictures to distribute, because it would cost a fortune.

Therefore, I have purchased the digital rights to these photos and you are welcome to copy them and print them to your heart's content.  Actually, if everyone prints each one 47 times it will bring the total cost per picture down to a reasonable level.

Here is MG's official 2nd Grade Portrait:

And here is Claire's official 1st Grade Portrait:

I still regret not getting the laser background.


Rob Monroe said...

I still have my laser background pics. Trust me, the gray is perfect!

Beautiful pictures!

Robyn Fahler said...

They do charge a fortune for those pictures. I also find that none of the packages contain the sizes I need or want. Your girls pictures came out great. Last year they took James' picture with his glasses on and it caused his face to look odd as there was a bend in the line of his cheek.

Robyn Fahler said...
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