Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Election

A woman just called me wanting to know if she could count on my support on Tuesday..... for Ted Cruz.

"Well, I suppose if every other republican and democrat is kidnapped by aliens, there might be a chance that I would vote for Cruz... No, actually, I don't think I would even then."

"So you're not a Cruz supporter ma'am?"

And then I started quoting his positions to her, and instead of refuting any of it or giving me any facts at all, she kept saying, "I don't believe that he believes that."

"I can't support Cruz. He is in favor of <controversial thing> and I find that morally repugnant."

"I don't believe that Cruz is in favor of that thing."

"I'm looking at MSNBC and it says that Cruz supports that thing."

"I don't believe that he said that."

"It's a direct quote, 'I support that thing,' said Ted Cruz on April 6, 2016."

"MSNBC is biased."

"Ok, pick a source that you'll believe... The New York Times, Wikipedia, the Washington Post? Because Ted Cruz is on the record supporting the thing."

"I don't believe that he believes that."

"Who would you believe?"

"I don't believe that he believes that."



"Honey, you need to get your story straight."

If you're going to call me and argue politics, at least argue from a position of facts, not denial.  

My favorite part was when she told me that she was in Indiana, but she was originally from Kentucky, and currently lives in Utah, and had come here to volunteer for Cruz's campaign.  I said, "Are you safe? Are they holding you against your will? If you need me to call the police, say 'Benghazi'."

I'm about sick of this stupid election.  We citizens of Indiana are uncomfortable with being relevant.  I'm getting 3 - 4 phone calls from various political personnel or surveys every day.  Next time someone asks me how I'm going to vote, I'm just going to say, "Spoilers!" and hang up.

It ended with her telling me they were about to shut down their phones (LOL), and me telling her that she needed to think about what sort of person she is supporting, because literally everyone who has ever met Ted Cruz in real life hates him.

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