Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Claire's First Day of School

It's nice that Mary Grace started on Tuesday and Claire started today, because that meant that everyone had her own special first day of school.

The sun was as bright as our smiles.

Claire was so excited to have her very own cubby for her "pack pack."

Big Sis was on hand to show her the ropes.

Bye Daddy!

Bye Mommy! Get lost, I have a lot to do! No tears here!

After school we went to Noodles for lunch with Grandpa Ben. The kids sang "Sticky Sticky Bubblegum" for us.  Claire showed us the worksheet the kids did about their first day of school, that showed different emotions they might be feeling (sad, scared, etc.).  I asked Claire which face was like hers.

"Happy!" she replied.

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