Thursday, October 21, 2010

Explain this 3-Year-Old Behavior

11:15 am - Mommy, I want some soup.
(You can have some for lunch in a little bit.)
11:16 am - I want soup.
11:18 am - Mommy, I want some soup right NOW.
11:20 am - (crying) Please can I have soup.
11:21 am - (screaming) AAAAAAAAAHHHH!  WANT SOUP!!!
11:59 am - (fainting with hunger and frustration, whispers) sssssoooooouuupppp....
12:00 pm - Here's your soup, Claire.

Amount of soup eaten?  One bite.  Seriously.

And she did the same thing with cookies (COOKIES!) this afternoon.

What.  The.  Hell?  Seriously!


Pamela said...

three just about made us bang our heads through plate glass windows. we have thirty-seven days left before we can say we survived our third three year-old, and 17 months to get ready for the fourth.

there is no rhyme, there is no reason. just repeat that to yourself until she turns four.

mwiesjahn said...

If you wanted her to eat the soup, then you shouldn't have made her wait. ;)