Friday, October 8, 2010

Maybe I'm Not So Weird After All...

This is an important look at how prevalent PPD and PAMD are in the U.S.  Maybe I'm not so weird, after all.

I'm sorry I haven't had much to say, lately.  I don't want to bore you with repeats of what I've already said.  I'm still anxious.  It's getting better.  I'm getting better at asking for and accepting help.  I'm doing a lot of breathing exercises.  BJ has been amazing.  The kids are fine. 

School is turning into a part-time job.  It seems like there's something important that I need to remember every single day.  How do you folks who have multiple kids in school manage to remember everything that needs to get done and returned and worn and paid for?  So far the Google Calendar is working, assuming that I remember to check it before bed and in the morning before we leave, but in 5 or 6 years I'm going to have three kids in school at the same time, and I just don't think I'm organized enough for that!  This is pre-school, and I'm already overwhelmed! 

Don't even get me started about all the paper...  Oh my.  Entire forests have been slaughtered for the projects my kids do in a week.  I have to admit that I display my very favorites (currently one project at my office and four at home), and I toss the rest.  I can't keep every sheet of paper that they generate for the next 20+ years.  Today Claire did one with a toothbrush and real toothpaste - I didn't realize that it was real, and wet, until I got to the car with it all over my shirt.  Whoops!

That, by the way, is why I still have wipes in my car, even though I don't have a kid in diapers right now.

I'm not completely disorganized.

Ok, these fussy children need a nap.  Tonight's our "date night" where we trade babysitting with my good friend Karen who also has small kids (Best. Idea. Ever!) so that we can go out with our spouses for less than $100 (dinner = $40, movie = $20, popcorn and soda = $20, babysitter = $40, budget = busted.  Taking the babysitter and the popcorn out of that equation really helps!).  Then in a week or two she'll leave her kids with us and they'll go out.  Hooray!  And the kids think they're getting to have a "date" with their "boyfriends" Owen and Cam.  Anyway, it means that the kids will be up late, and I just can't inflict them on Karen in their current moods.  I won't mind laying down with them.  Ha ha!  Sneaky Mommy!

If you have a friend who has kids who are similar in age to your own, you've got to try this.  We're on our second month and it's working out beautifully.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Kathryn said...

Thanks for the post - I have missed you! 2 comments - first, my youngest child is 9 and I still have wipes in the car and use them frequently (and not just for the 9 yo) and second about all the papers, I read a suggestion that you take pictures of your child with the artwork and then put the pictures in a scrapbook or album becasue the pictures are smaller and take up less space. It also preserves them and makes it easy for your kids to go back and look at them. When they get old enough, they could write a little something about them to go with the pictures.

Kim said...

I can't recall whether it was Flylady or one of the LifeHacks that came up on my iGoogle feed. Somewhere I read an idea that you create a folder each year for each kiddo. Their papers for the year go into the folder. At the end of the year, parents & child pick out the 3 or 4 projects they love most, and dump the rest.

Now to actually get a folder for the collection of DS' muppet drawings we're accumulating ;)