Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sleep, Part Deux

Since my last post I've been working really hard at getting Jack down for naps and bed at consistent times, based on this book that Monica recommended.  He gets up at 7, goes down for nap at 9:30, sleeps about 45 minutes, back down again at 1:30, sleeps around an hour and a half, and goes to bed at 7 pm.

I figure once he's sleeping consistently at consistent times, maybe I'll be able to work on having him fall asleep on his own instead of with so very much assistance from me and my magical Benadryl boobies.  Because right now, the kid can't sleep without the magic boobies, and he's waking up every 2 hours or so to remind me how very much he loves them.

I am so very tired.

It is exceptionally difficult to be consistent and still have any kind of a life.

A lot of people moan and groan when their kids give up naps, but I LOVE the freedom of not having to plan my day around someone's sleep, and not being stuck in the house for hour upon boring hour with an unconscious kid.  I have a lot of inertia - if we have to be home for nap until 3 pm, I have a hard time motivating to do anything after that.  BJ will be home in a couple hours.... I need to make dinner.... The internet is so damn interesting......

I told BJ that I feel like I do all the work of raising these kids, so that other people get to enjoy them, but I never get to enjoy them.

It'll get better.  It will get easier, I know.  I know they grow up and they get big and soon I won't even remember how hard and how banal it all was, because I'll be crying as he runs to catch the school bus for Kindergarten.  I know.

But right now it's really hard, and I'm really tired.

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Rob Monroe said...

You need to trademark "Benadryl Boobies" I think! I mean, the makers of Benadryl might take issue, but you'll get mom-style-support and certainly win out in the court of opinion. :)

I hope it gets easier sooner rather than later. Once he can crawl and run he'll be more independent, right?