Sunday, July 11, 2010


I me'am Claire
One of the fun things about having a 3 year old is the secret language that they come up with naturally as they try to figure out the weirdness of English.  Here are a few examples of the Clairisms we hear daily that may require a bit of translation for anyone who doesn't live here...

I me'am - I am - Claire says this so consistently, it's so much a part of her everyday speech, that I'm really going to miss it when she outgrows it.  She'll also say, "Here me'am," when playing hide and seek.  The construction makes more sense here - she's just got her "I's" and "me's" mixed up.  And so when she says "I me'am" she's hedging her bets and using both.

Formiss - forget - This one took me a while to figure out, but the construction makes sense.  Before she goes to sleep she'll say, "Don't formiss the hug!  Don't formiss the kiss!"  Well, when you forget something, you don't get it, you miss it.  I actually think this is the smartest Clairism.  So, instead of saying, "Don't forget the hug," it's "Don't formiss the hug," every night.  Sweet!

Ladies and gentlemen!  I proma resent... - Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present - I just think it's so cute that she can fluently say the word "gentlemen," but she hasn't been about to figure out "proud to present."  She's got it close, down to just a couple of missing syllables...  She'll stand on the stairs and do puppet shows, and she'll be "proma resent" the main character.

Lasterday - yesterday - "We went to the library lasterday."  Makes more sense than yesterday.  Yesterday wasn't the yest day, it was the last day.  What's a yest? 

We didn't correct these sorts of things with Mary Grace, and she has already sorted them out by 4-1/2 - most of them are long gone - so I don't worry that Claire won't ever be able to speak the King's English if I don't correct these now.  It's a normal part of speech development, as far as I'm concerned, and a very cute phase.  So many of the phases they go through at 2 and 3 are the opposite of cute - I hate to rush her through the one that's adorable.

What do your kids say that's too cute to correct?


Kathryn said...

Kelly had one favorite "Kellyism" that I just loved and was sorry to see go away. We would go to Costas grocery (now WiseWay) on Tuesdays which was/is still senior citizens day. Kelly couldn't quite say citizen so she would say "It's sinister citizens day". With all the coochie cooing that she had gotten there over the years, perhaps she had something there!

morganna said...

My kids say 're-fridge-fridge-er' instead of 'refrigerator.' I think they picked this up because I often say 'fridge' instead of 'refridgerator', and they've combined them.

strwberrryjoy said...

Claire says gumble balls which is actually longer than gum ball? I don't get that!

These were all too cute!!!


Momo Fali said...

Spuh-gee-toes...instead of mosquitoes and wheeled...instead of world. From my eight year old!