Thursday, January 13, 2011


Mary Grace was fine this morning.  When I picked her up from school, her teacher said that she had been really tired.  Odd, because she stayed in bed all night for the first time in months last night.

When I got her home her temperature was around 101.  She slept on the couch a little while.  She didn't want anything to eat and wouldn't drink much.  She didn't want medicine, so I didn't push it. 

At 1:30 her temp was 103.5.  Then I got a little more serious.  I started quizzing her about her symptoms, but she said that just her tummy hurt.  I gave her some ibuprofen for the fever, then I asked her, "Is your tummy ache sharp or is it dull?" 

"It just hurts, Mommy."

"Does it feel hot or squeezy?"

"It just hurts."

After 30 minutes her temp was only down to 102.7, so I called the doctor's office.  The triage nurse said she could be seen by the doctor at 3:30, or we could take her to the ER.

"What would you do?"

"Well, if it is her appendix, you'll want to be in the ER."

So I called BJ and had him come home to take her.  Of course, of course, by the time he got there the ibuprofen had kicked in, and her temp was down to 99.  She's slept the whole time they've been there, which is extremely unusual for her.  The nurse at the ER says it doesn't look like appendicitis, but they were still waiting on the doctor when BJ called a half hour ago.

The hardest part, for me, and I know it's not all about me but it's my blog, damnit...  The hardest part for me is that I'm not there.  An ER is no place for a newborn, and I would have had to take Jack (he's exclusively breastfed, and I can't pump).  Honestly, BJ is better at this sort of thing, anyway.  He stays calm and doesn't make big scared eyes when they bring out the needles like I do.  Claire is driving me insane (she doesn't know what to do with herself when MG's not around) and I'm so worried (what if it's pneumonia?).  I'm relieved that it's not her appendix, but I feel a little stupid for sending them to the ER now.  I guess BJ joked with the nurse about taking away my internet connection. 

Parenting is hard.  If I hadn't called the doctor's office and it had been her appendix, I'd feel stupid AND I might have a really sick kid on my hands, so I'd rather feel dumb with a kid who doesn't need surgery.  And I'd rather feel dumb ...........

Holy shit - BJ just called and the doctor IS worried about her appendix, so they're doing a CT scan.

I liked it better when I was wrong.  Oh God.


Julie said...

Keep us updated, Amy!

And please know that if you DIDN'T send her to the ER, her appendix would have begun to cause all manner of mischief in the middle of the night, and then you would have been the mommy that didn't Do The Right Thing. By taking her to the ER, you have virtually assured that it is NOT her appendix.

I am taking Katie to the doctor tomorrow, where I will be exposing her to God only knows what else, but she has a sore throat and a fever. If I don't take her, she will have strep, which will be untreated, which will then lead to the obligatory heart murmur from untreated strep, and then I get the Mommy Dearest award. By taking her to the doctor, I assure that it's a virus, and nothing will come of the doctor visit other than a $25 copay and exposure to Plague.

It's gonna be okay. Even if it's her appendix, it's gonna be okay. My dad had his appendix out in 1947. They've practiced this procedure a LOT. They can do it and make a sandwich at the same time. I mean, they won't. But they could. She'll be just fine. And you are very smart for not taking Jack to the ER, girl. VERY smart. BJ, the Ultimate Pod Husband, has got this.

I know you don't cotton to it, but I do... so I'll pray for our sweet Mary Grace. It's gonna be just fine. Promise.



Momo Fali said...

You made the right decisions...all the way around. Trust me. I can assure that I know my way around this situation.

Keep us posted. We will say a prayer for all of you.