Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jack's Reflux Vlog

So what do you think, folks?  Is that reflux?  Apnea?  It has been a lot worse this weekend for some reason.  Poor baby.  He doesn't generally cry, though, or arch his back, and he rarely spits up...  I just don't know what to do.  Notice that he's upright when it happens.  It's worse at night when he's lying down.  Nothing is scarier than being jolted awake by your baby gasping for air.


Amanda Westerlund said...

I had two babies with reflux, and it didn't look like this. I saw a LOT of arching and crying. They'd latch for a minute and then pull away in pain. lots of spit up too. sorry i got no clue what it could be, but doesn't look like reflux to me :(

morganna said...

Pick him up, put his head against your shoulder (facing your back) and pat him *hard* on the back between the shoulder blades. Make sure you have a cloth over your shoulder. If that doesn't work (relieve his discomfort and probably make him spit up), lay him facedown on your lap with a cloth under him (head at your knees), drop your knees down so his head is pointing down and pat his back again. You're not going to hurt him, you're going to help him get the air up. Try doing this every 5-10 minutes while he is having long feedings.

It looks like he's trying to spit up but can't manage it. I have 2 kids with hypotonia (low muscle tone) and it was hard for them when they were little to spit up and get the air out. Email me if you want more info on my experience with hypotonia in infants. (Mine are 3 & 5 now and in gymnastics) morganna1812 at gmail dot com