Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Things I Didn't Appreciate...

10 Things I Didn't Really Appreciate About Babies Until I Had Older Kids

10.  Babies don't complain about their outfits.

9.  Babies rarely skin their knees and demand Bandaids.

8.  Naps.

7.  Babies are happy with a toy or two, and none of those toys have thousands of tiny pieces.

6.  When babies say, "Mama!" it's cute.  They never just say, "Mommy?" and then leave you hanging.

5.  Babies do not require endless team practices, outings, lessons, classes, and playdates.

4.  Babies never say, "I'm bored!" in spite of all the carefully planned playdates, classes, lessons, outings, and team sports.

3.  Babies are endlessly fascinated by simple things, like keys.  As early as age 4, children develop more expensive tastes.

2.  When you put them somewhere and walk away for 10 seconds, they're still where you put them when you get back.  An older child could be three zip codes away.

1.  You can solve almost all of a baby's problems with a clean diaper, a little Tylenol, or a boob.


Heidi said...

So very true. Especially that last one. Oh, how I miss those simple days...

RobMonroe said...

That last one sounds like it would work for old men, too. :)