Saturday, June 25, 2011

Natural Consequences

BJ and I were in the family room watching Season of the Witch with Nicolas Cage (which is supposedly set during the crusades but Nick Cage and the other guy talk to each other like they're in a buddy-cop movie, and it's not altogether that believable).  We had just gotten to the climax of the film, where the devil shows up, and we heard some noise behind us.

"Is that a kid?" I said to BJ as he paused the movie, and we both got up to look around. 

The baby was still asleep, there was no one in the downstairs bathroom or in either of the downstairs bedrooms.

BJ bravely went upstairs (there's no way I would have gone upstairs alone - haha!) where he found Claire.  "That's a really scary movie, Daddy," she said.

He came down to tell me that it was her (we heard her footsteps as she ran back upstairs to bed), and that she's scared, and he's going to stay with her until she's asleep.  I went up and said, "You know the scary part in Sleeping Beauty, where the witch shows up?  This movie is just like that.  And just like that movie, it's just pretend.  You know, the nice thing about movies, don't you?  The good guys always win.  You don't have to worry.  You're safe here, in our house, with Mommy and Daddy.  Nothing bad is going to happen here.  It's just make-believe."  Then I gave her a kiss and said goodnight, and I came downstairs to listen in case Jack wakes up.  BJ is up there with her now.

Poor kid.  I guess sometimes sneaking downstairs is its own punishment.

And sometimes Nicolas Cage movies are their own punishment, too.  Please leave a comment and tell me what movies you've liked lately - I keep picking bad ones.


Anonymous said...

Bridesmaids!!!! Sooooooooo funny!!!!!

- cousin Kelly

Amy said...

Megan and Sara and I saw that. It WAS hilarious!

Connie said...

The Town... Ben Affleck is recognized for his director/ starring roles... nice to see him in something with some depth after so few movies of his being any good after Good Will Hunting which we never tire of... here are a few others maybe you have not seen that we really liked... some are old but good is good...
Beautiful Girls
Now and Then
Mystic River
Gran Torino
The Fisher King
A Time to Kill
A River Runs Through It
Prince of Tides
Indian Summer

RobMonroe said...

That's a bummer for her.

We had fun with "Killers" on Netflix Instant view. Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Also enjoyed "Then She Found Me" with a whole slew of folks.