Monday, June 13, 2011

Got Hair?

There's a lot of hair in this house.  Mary Grace has difficult hair.  It's thick and curly.  Very, very curly.  I tease her that she spends most nights lying in her bed tying it in knots.  Claire, on the other hand, has thick, straight hair, and a very tender head.  And of course, my hair (which desperately needs to be cut) is also thick, but mine is more wavy than curly.

Consequently, I used to spend at least 15 minutes every morning dealing with hair.  Generally this involved chasing a screaming Claire around the house, threatening to shave her head if she didn't just suck it up and let me comb her hair, already.  Mary Grace behaved better, but it still broke my heart to hear her say, "Ouch Mommy, it hurts!" as tears rolled down her sweet cheeks.  I'd tell her that I remember my mom combing the tangles out of my hair, too, and I know how much it hurts, but there's nothing I can do.

Then I heard about a product that has changed our lives.  I loved it so much that I contacted the company and asked them if I could share it with you!  Behold:

That, my friends, is a Magic Flowerpot by Tangle Teezer, and they are not kidding when they say it's magic.

The top part lifts out, and there are eensy weensy little plastic tines on the other side.  Somehow, probably with magic, it takes out the tangles without hurting the kid.  Even Claire's tender head! 
I can brush Mary Grace's hair dry, which is something I haven't been able to do since she was one.  This is going to make our winters so much easier - it used to be that I had to soak her hair to comb it, and then worry about her going out in the cold with a wet head.  We won't have to worry about it next winter!

The kids have even asked to comb their own hair with the Magic Flowerpot, and because of the magic they can actually do a pretty decent job of it - freeing me up to do other things in the morning.  I just give it a once-over when they're done, and we go.  No more 15 minute hair battles in our house!

I'm still in the post-partum shed - I don't know how I actually have any hair left to lose at this point, because it has been six months, but I'm losing a TON of hair every day.  It was all over the bathroom before, because the brush I used to use didn't grab it as well.  The tines on the Tangle Teezer actually grab the hair better, resulting in less mess (and fewer loose hairs all over the house).

You can buy the regular Tangle Teezer at Sally Beauty Supply (which is what I did) or you can order one online.  I'm excited to be able to give you an opportunity to win one, too!  All you have to do is go to the Magic Flowerpot by Tangle Teezer's Facebook page and click "LIKE," then post a comment on the wall saying that you came from, and why you need a Magic Flowerpot by Tangle Teezer.  One winner will be randomly selected to win!

Good luck!


RobMonroe said...

This would be a heaven-send in our house! Abby hates to have her hair washed OR combed, though thanks to Tangled she is doing some spot-brushing once in a while. :)

I'll surely be getting one of these - might even make a good Father's Day gift since I do a lot of the brushing around here!

Connie said...

What an amazing find! Thanks for sharing. You all have amazing gorgeous hair but I know how a head full of hair can be a tremendous challenge.