Monday, July 18, 2011

Rapid Growth

The weirdest thing happened today.

Our dear friends welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl, into their family on Saturday.  Jack and I went over to visit when they got home from the hospital.  As I was walking in, Jack was my little baby.  The moment I saw Laney, though, Jack became huge.  All of a sudden I could see more boy in him than baby.  It's a good thing I was distracted by the gorgeous new baby girl, or I might have cried.

There's nothing quite like holding a brand new baby, is there?  Will I ever be able to without wanting another one of my own?


Bev said...

No & No. There's nothing like holding a baby and at 62 I still wish I could have another whenever I'm around a baby...even more so now that my youngest grandchild will be 8 next month. Talk about time flying...

Heidi said...

Not a chance.