Monday, July 11, 2011

Psychic Friends

I just read this article at Salon about a phone psychic that reminded me of a story, so let's hop in the Wayback Machine...

It was 1995, because all my best stories start off that way, and I was a broke college sophomore.  Scanning through the classified ads, I came across an ad that sounded intriguing.  "Psychic?  Call 800-BUL-LSHI..." or something.  Anyway, I was desperate, and I figured that I could pretend to be psychic as well as anyone, so I called the number and left a message.

So I waited, and I completely forgot about the message I'd left, until one Saturday morning the phone rang at 8:01 am.  My roommate's boyfriend answered and heard, "Hi!  This is John from the Psychic Friend's Network calling for Amy!!"

"If you're psychic," my roommate's boyfriend sleepily asked, "then why don't you know that she's still asleep?"

John hung up.  Thus ended my career as a Psychic Friend.

I can only imagine what he would have said if I'd called for a job as a different sort of 1-900 operator!

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Mrs4444 said...

LOL! That's awesome. What a smart-alec, huh? Too funny.