Monday, July 18, 2011

They Can Be Taught


Sweet Boy:  Mary Grace, are you going to marry me?

Mary Grace:  I don't need to worry about that until I'm in college.

BJ and I high-fived over that one. 


We've been working really hard at keeping the family room clean and the toys picked up.  I've told the kids that if they stop in between each show and pick up for a few minutes, it will never get trashed.  After a very busy weekend, the family room was looking a little rough.  Mary Grace came down and started cleaning it up all by herself, without being asked, this morning.  When Claire got up, she helped. 



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RobMonroe said...

Go PB Parents! Abby says yes to any marriage proposal. I feel sorry for any guy who means it - she already has flowers picked out. At four. Oy!