Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Jack

Dear Jack,

How is it possible that you're a year old already?  It's so hard to believe that a whole year has gone by.  But then I look at pictures of you when you were new, all covered with bruises and teeny tiny, and I look at pictures of you now, and I think, "How did he grow so much in one short year?"

December 18, 2010

December 15, 2011
You are such a sweet little boy, and everyone loves you.  We have a record number of people coming to your birthday party tomorrow.  I'm honestly not sure where we're going to put everyone.  It's going to be so much fun!

You love to smile and wave at people when we go out.  You flirt - it's the cutest thing - you go all eyelashes and dimples and grin and look down with this, "Aw, shucks," expression that melts hearts.  You don't "make strange" as one little old lady put it when I let her hold you.  You go to everyone, whether you know them or not, with a big smile and an open heart.  I think that says a lot about your personality, and the way you're going to be as you grow up.

Birthday Boy!
We gave you your presents just a little while ago.  A dump truck with blocks that's bigger than you are, a shape sorting bucket, and a Glow Worm.  We went easy, because Christmas is right around the corner, and because you're just as happy playing bowls on the kitchen floor as you are with toys.  We're (finally) decorating your room for Christmas, too.  We decided to go with an airplane theme.  I'm pretty sure you're going to love it.  You love to travel (lots of new people to flirt with in airports!).  We've gone on three plane trips this year (two to Florida and one to Louisiana) and you were awesome on all the flights.  

Rah Rahs!
You love your sisters so much.  No one can make you laugh they way they do.  When we went on trips without them (twice), you really missed them.  Whenever you heard kids, you'd smile and try to find them.  I could tell you were looking for your "Rah rahs."

It seems like no matter how bad you feel, you always have a smile to share.  We got your one-year shots yesterday, and you slept for a record number of hours last night (you went to bed at 8 pm, then woke up at 9 something, and then slept until 6 am!), and even though you must have felt poorly, to do that, you were still cheerful yesterday for the whole day.  You're a tough little guy!  When your reflux is bothering you or you get plowed over by a sister or the puppy, you might fuss about it for a minute but you go right back to your usual sunny self really quickly.

Your favorite toy for playing is:  Mommy's rainbow mixing bowls - you push them around the kitchen and make a lot of wonderful noise

Your favorite toy for snuggling is: the puppy crib toy who sings and whose nose lights up 

Your favorite food is: banana

Your favorite book is: SMILE!  A book we got for keeping your sister's well-baby appointments.  It's just a bunch of baby faces smiling, but you smile right back at them.

Your favorite activity is: crawling

Your favorite place to go is: anywhere with lots of people

Your best friend is: your "Rah Rahs" (sisters)

Something new that you're doing: standing up on your own

Something you've mastered: flirting

Something people say about you: "Look at that curly hair!"

Something that you're saying is: shaking your head "no no no," the sign for "more," waving hello and goodbye, "Mama," "Dada," "Rah rah."

Something Dad and I are proud of you for: you are working really hard at being a better sleeper

Something surprising about you: you LOVE music, especially your magic song, "Magic," by Ben Folds

We love you so much, Jack!  It's hard to believe that my baby, my last baby, is already a whole year old.  Please don't grow up too fast.  But you can keep sleeping all night, if you want to, that was pretty nice.



DPA said...

Happy Birthday, John Paul! Such changes in a year.
Love your letter to the little guy, Amy. What an wonderful tradition.

Rob Monroe said...

Happy Happy (now belated) Birthday Jack! Can't believe it has been a year, and I only see him from the distance!