Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I am all done with Groupons, Deal Chickens, and every other kind of magic website that sells you stuff in advance for a reduced price.

I have had two different businesses go belly up on me before I had a chance to use my vouchers (I bought tickets for a comedy club in November, they cancelled the show we were going to see, then we tried to reschedule and I found out tonight that they're closed.  Small wonder if they went around cancelling shows, anyway).  I had one that required multiple visits to a spa, and I only got 2/3 of them accomplished before they closed.

It's just bullshit.  It's like gift cards - a way to separate people from their money.  I am finished.


Rob Monroe said...

I have begun to only purchase from places we know well enough to trust in the long run. Our problem comes from expiration dates - but then at least they give you the dollar amount that you actually paid.

Amy Austin said...

Yeah, I'm carrying around a couple where I've missed the date that I could have used them for $25, but I can still use them for the $12.50 face value I paid.

So irritating!

angel0199 said...

Groupon and Living Social are both great if you contact them. Many of the businesses doing these deals are struggling to drum up business so there is a risk of them being gone before the expiration date. I sent one email to Groupon about a business that had closed and they credited my account in within a few hours. I love them because we enjoy eating out and these deals help stretch our eating out budget. I print the vouchers right away and keep them in my calendar so I don't forget to use them.