Monday, January 14, 2013


Did you think they sequestered me?  Nope, I called the courthouse the night before I was supposed to report for jury duty, and they said I was excused.  Hallelujah!

Jack had his First Steps evaluation today.  I think he'll most likely qualify for speech therapy, but he seems to be doing well, developmentally, in all other areas, so YAY!  Someday I won't be able to get him to stop talking, and I'll feel silly for having worried.  But after the reflux thing last year, it's sure nice to have a concern and have it turn out to actually be something worth being concerned about.  Oy.

We were going to get flu shots last week, in spite of the fact that I'm not usually a flu-shot-getter, but I had a migraine so I texted BJ and asked him to cancel our appointments and start planning my funeral instead.  Started a new medicine that will (*HOPEFULLY*) keep the migraines away for a while.  They're getting worse as I get older, I think.  Ugh.

Between the migraine and the book I'm reading , I've been quiet here.  Sorry.  Dinner just started beeping.  I'm making Monica's hashbrown casserole.  We'll see if it's any good, and if it is I'll post my recipe (which was mostly, "That looks good, I'll throw that in..." over and over until the pan was full!).

What's new with you?


Liz said...

What are your migraine? I've had migraines since I was seven and no medication has ever really worked. So far the only thing that's been successful has been to identify my triggers and avoid them. Good luck!

Amy Austin said...

I get them once a month whether I need them or not. I'm hoping that by taking a birth control pill that limits the number of periods I get, it'll limit the migraines. Fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

I get period migraines too...the worst! I'm not on Seasonale, but with my regular pill, I just skip 2 so I only get it every 3 says this is fine... -Maggie

morganna said...

An acquaintance of mine discovered that her migraines were due to an undiagnosed hole in her heart leaking blood. She had surgery to repair the hole, and her migraines disappeared. And now I tell everyone with mystery migraines about this! :)