Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cream of Soup

I learned something new the other day...

BJ hates mushrooms.  He makes gagging noises if I even cook them in the house.  This puts a real damper on casseroles because every single one in the history of the world uses cream of mushroom soup.  Every.  Casserole.  Ever.

I didn't understand casseroles before I had kids.  Why would you cook everything once, assemble it, and then cook it again?  Why not just have chicken, vegetables, and pasta instead of chicken vegetable pasta casserole?  Two words:  Nap time.

Casseroles allow you to make dinner while the kids are asleep or having "quiet time" after lunch, and then put it up so that you can make it at dinner time.  The casserole alleviates a lot of evening-time stress.

So I've been bumming for years (um...  16 of them this summer, to be exact.  Wow!) that I can't cook with cream of mushroom soup.

Cream of chicken works for some recipes, but not for beefy recipes.  Cream of celery has a very off-putting greenish tinge that depresses me.  But last week I discovered that Campbell's makes a cream of ONION soup.

Boom.  Problem solved.

Apparently it's been right there in the store all along, and I have never seen it.  My sister Megan didn't know it existed, either.  So if you've been stymied, like me, by a family member's hatred of mushrooms, pick yourself up a can or two and thank me later.

Who knew?

Mommy's Little Helper
(Nobody paid me anything to write this post.  I'm just stupidly excited about soup tonight for some reason.)

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Kathryn said...

Icky stuff in the can - have you ever read the ingredients? Try this instead


You can sub beef broth for chicken