Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Determined to Run

Hey, remember the other day when I told you about Jen and Ricky and how he needs to raise money for charity to run the Chicago Marathon?  I texted with Jen this morning, and they're not going to let what happened in Boston stop them from running.  In fact, they're more determined than ever to run it, even though I totally tried to talk her out of it because I am a big chicken.

Jen and Ricky are both cops - they're the kind of people who run toward danger every day.  They're the helpers that Mr. Rogers told us to look for at times like these.

Today I'm grateful that my cousin Jill, who was standing in between the two explosions with her boyfriend, cheering on her friends, is safe.  I'm grateful that Kate, my cousin Bridget's daughter who also lives in Boston, is safe.

And I'm grateful for the helpers.

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