Monday, April 8, 2013

The Chicago Marathon

No, no, I will not be running the Chicago Marathon - are you insane?  I can't even run around the block without leaving moderately-vital organs in my wake.  But my friend Jen and her boyfriend Ricky and 44,998 of their closest friends will be!

Jen and Ricky running a 5K
Apparently people are just dying to run this thing, and the spots sold out in a day.  After that they went to a lottery system.  Jen got a spot but Ricky didn't.  But he found a charity that will give him a spot if he raises $750 for cancer research.

Piece of cake.  Everybody hates cancer, right?

So Jen had the great idea to ask people to donate a dollar a mile - or $26.20 - to help fight cancer and get him a spot in the marathon.  Your donation to the American Institute for Cancer Research is tax deductible.

Jen and Ricky are awesome people.  Jen doesn't want me to enumerate all the ways that they're awesome, because she's modest, but they totally are.  She and I have been friends for over 20 years.  And honestly, if someone awesome wants to run farther than I'm willing to drive in Chicago, I think that we should help make that happen!

Please go to this page and make a donation - any small amount will help!  And thanks, in advance, for supporting my friends!

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