Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Editorial Decisions

And Jesus said, "WhatEVAH!"
(Please note that I am all hopped up on Benedryl, Tylenol, some residual Robitussin DM, Albuterol, lack of sleep, and strawberry ice cream right now, and this probably isn't destined to be my best writing...)

I have deleted all of the previous posts about the whole Herod thing from this blog and from Facebook.  I have only ever deleted one post before tonight, and that was because I was getting lots of creepy Google searchers coming here via the search terms "little girl's pa*t*es" (and I don't mean "parties" - it was a totally benign post about potty training and rewarding good training behavior with princess... parties, if you know what I mean).  Believe me when I say that I do NOT like deleting posts at all.

I have also disabled anonymous commenting for the foreseeable future.  If you have something to say, you're going to have to man the hell up* and put your name to it.  I am all done dealing with comments from people I may or may not know in real life, people who claim to know where my kids go to school, etc. etc. effing etc.  If you can't see, as a parent, how creepy that is, then you've got a screw loose.  It's the internet equivalent of, "The calls are coming from inside the house!!!

Bottom line, if you get to know who I am, or to think you do, then I get to know who you are.

Finally, I am closing comments on this post because I am done with the entire topic.  99% of what goes on at the school is good.  This is the ONLY issue we've had, and we're going into our third year there.  (Well, ok, that's a lie, the snack thing bugs me, but I'm not going to make a federal case out of it).  Preschool is OPTIONAL - I would not continue to send my kids there if there were serious, chronic, unsolvable problems.  MG's teachers have all been very warm, lovely people.  The director is a delightful, extremely compassionate, and intelligent person whom I greatly admire.  I recognize that my failure to understand the church's position on this issue is ENTIRELY due to two factors that are ENTIRELY my problem - #1 - I have a very sensitive child, and #2 - I am not religious myself**. 

Even religious people admit that you're NEVER going to find a church that you agree with 100% of the time, so considering that I can't even grant them a "given" on the basics, like the existence of God or anything supernatural, it's flipping AMAZING that the only things I've found in TWO FULL YEARS to get upset over are Herod and snack!

If you would like to talk to me further about the school or our experiences there, you're going to have to call me.  If you are Sherlocky enough to know "lots of people" whose kids go there when I didn't even mention the school by name (and when my hometown is not something I've ever published on this blog), then you're Sherlocky enough to call me and have a conversation about it.  I'm in the school directory and in the local white pages.

* I had to delete 27 separate instances of the F-bomb out of this post.  That's as restrained as it's going to get tonight.

** I have tried to be religious, it doesn't stick, I'm done pretending to have answers that I don't have.  While I LOVE the idea of religion and religiousness and the Christians win***, I do not have it in me to believe in anything that is not right in front of me, anymore.  After 34 years, I'm finally comfortable with that.  I may check out Unitarian Universalism in the future, but for right now I'd rather sleep on Sundays, thank you very much.  You're welcome to pray about it if that helps you deal with my agnosticism, but I really don't care to discuss it further.

*** Christians win because if you're right, you get to spend eternity on a cloud with a harp or whatever while I burn in the fiery pits of hell.  Meanwhile, if I'm right and after this life is eternal NOTHING, I don't even get a chance to gloat, and you'll never know the difference.

I'm going to bed.