Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Few Observations

If you have to get blood drawn, try to get the oldest phlebotomist in the joint.  Someone who has drawn blood 10,000 times is naturally going to be better at it than someone who has done it 1,000 times.  It may not be a big deal for us grown ups, but next time my kids need blood drawn (knock wood) I'm going to ask, "Who's retiring next?  We want her to do it."
(Yes, I know all those 20 year olds need practice if they're going to get as good as the grannies.  I don't care.  They can practice on someone else's kid.)

The 20 year old who drew mine this morning really hurt me, to the point where I said, "OH OWWW!" out loud.  I had blood drawn last week (gotta keep an eye on my liver - so far so good) and the Betty White lookalike who did it did a MUCH better job.  I barely felt it.  Incidentally, I always ask for the baby needle.  Why let them use a hose-sized needle if they don't have to?  It's not like I get extra points for being brave.  It's not like the baby needle costs more.  I see no reason to suffer.

Yes, I give birth naturally and I'm afraid of having blood drawn, what's it to ya?  The worst part of Claire's birth was getting the IV, no joke.  Although, to be honest, it could just be because there was nobody cheering me on.  I like attention.

In food news, I made these muffins yesterday, and they are awesome, and only 195 calories each (although that doesn't help if you have two, as I just did).  The only trouble is that they stick like crazy to the paper, even though I sprayed the paper with Pam.  Any suggestions?

Greek Yogurt is awesome.  I'm eating the Dannon brand (with honey) right now for breakfast, and it's delightful.  The texture is much thicker than the yogurt we're used to in the U.S.  Yum!

This article about supplements is pretty scary.  I don't think I'll be taking any supplements that come from China any time in the future.  If we can't trust them to keep lead out of toys, how can we trust them to keep toxic chemicals out of supplements?  Although, someone on brought up the excellent point that a lot of prescription drugs cause heart problems, liver failure, etc. too.  Just don't take anything. 

And Dad's here, so now I've gotta go to work.  Happy Wednesday!  I'm 18 weeks today, can you believe it?


Heidi said...

I am totally with you on the old ladies with baby needles thing. You are absolutely right - you don't get points, or even a sticker these days, for being brave. My rule is "You get one chance - miss the vein, you're outta here." I tell that to every single one of them and have only had one miss. And she was young. I'm all for newbies getting experience and had 3 c-sections at a teaching hospital, but when it comes to the needles my money is on the experienced poker.

Congrats on 18 weeks - for you, that's almost half way there!

Cassondra said...

I am getting ready for nursing schools, and my biggest fear has always been IV's!! With my last baby, I had a shot of lidocaine in my vein before they put the IV in (I requested it), and I didn't even feel the nurse put the IV in!!