Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kindergarten Round Up Fail

In my first official act as "Mary Grace's mom" at her brand new school, I proved once again that I am a complete and utter tool.

I sat down next to two women who obviously knew each other.  The one farther from me in the noisy cafeteria asked me if I had a pad.  I dug through my bag for a second and said, "Sorry, all I have is this," as I sheepishly held up a size 1 diaper.  Might work if you're desperate," I said with an apologetic shrug. 

"What?  Oh, no, I said a pen," she replied.

And I died.

If Mary Grace had been there, I'll bet I would have gotten my first, "Mo-THER!" 

So I lied, "Well, hi, I'm Amy and I'm hard of hearing.  Thought you said pad.  Nice to meet you."

I can only hope that she forgets me by August.

PS - how is my baby already old enough for Kindergarten?

PPS - how is it that I'm this big a dork, and yet I still have awesome friends?  Be honest, are you all just hanging out with me for comedic purposes?


Heidi said...

Oh, totally for the comedy! ;)

As the mom of a kindergartener who also went to a February round up where I knew no one, believe me - you (and your "hearing") will be totally forgotten by September. Heck, my son's been in school six months and there are still moms from his class that I can't name.

Pamela said...

Kindergarten was invented to test the dedication of parents. It is a horrible and merciless test.

You should just keep one of those diapers in your bag and pull it out every time somebody asks for anything. Pen? I have a diaper. Phone? How about a diaper? Kleenex? Nope, but you can use this!


Bev said...

Hysterically funny...coming from a 61 year old who continues to stick her foot in her mouth. Sorry I can't give you hope that this will never happen again, but at least yours are funny!!!!