Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Shoulder

It is with great relief that I tell you that I did not screw up my rotator cuff (although, this is the year to do it, I've already met my deductible).  I strained my trapezius.  Dr. M gave me flexeril and vicodin.  Party at Amy's!  I took a flexeril last night when I got home around 5 pm, and thought, "This isn't doing anything."  I made dinner, cleaned up, etc. etc. all with the same amount of pain that I'd been having.  Then I went to lay down with Jack at 8 pm and I slept in my clothes until 7 am.  I woke up a couple times in the night with Jack, but never enough that it seemed like a good idea to put pajamas on.

So while my shoulder may not feel any better, at least I'm rested.

Time to get everybody ready for school...

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RobMonroe said...

Sometimes resting is a step in the healing process, so don't overlook it too much! Hope you get back to swinging a tennis racket soon... or whatever else you want to do I guess!