Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Win At Parenting

Since school started, I've been feeling a TON of guilt because other mothers will wait at the bus stop with their children for the bus, while I stay in my jammies in my house and watch (off and on) from my front window.  The bus drops off in my front yard.  The kids play out there all the time.  I see no reason to supervise.  Besides, I can count on the other parents to protect all the kids if something bizarre happens, right?

Wrong, as it turns out.

BJ and I were standing in the front window (we were breaking down a gate to pack into the giant bag that happened to be on the couch) while the girls were waiting for the bus (Claire likes to hang out with MG.  She hasn't tried to get on the bus, herself, yet.)  All of a sudden I saw kids scatter into my front yard, which was odd.  Then I saw a HUGE dog.

"There's a dog out there. Go.  GO!"  I said to BJ, who was more dressed than I was at the moment.

Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife!

He ran out there like a superhero and caught the dog (who turned out to be a big doof of a lab, probably 80-100 pounds, friendly but full of energy.  He's currently awaiting his owners in the back yard).  I grabbed my robe and a leash, then brought Penny in so he could put the dog in our yard.

The other parents, a married couple, stood there and did nothing!

What is the frigging point of standing out there every morning if you're not going to bother to protect your kids when the opportunity arises??

After the bus came, I took a shower, and had a chance to mull things over a bit.  When I got out I said to BJ,  "You know, I'm feeling some very primal feelings toward you right now.  You protected the offspring from threat while lesser men stood idly by....  It's very sexy!"  I said.

We may have to do daily reenactments.


Bev said...

What a fun post this morning! It's definitely those every day, unanticipated actions that awaken those primal feelings. Daily reenactments...what a hoot!

Anonymous said...
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