Sunday, October 30, 2011

There May Be Hope

Claire got sick to her stomach yesterday morning and spent most of the morning on the couch feeling poorly. Then this happened.

There may be hope for this dog*.

Also, this, just because he's adorable.

Mary Grace got to go to a birthday party at the zoo. She held a hedgehog and petted an armadillo. I didn't get photos, though. She has reached the age where parents don't stay for parties anymore. Sunrise, sunset, etc.

Pumpkin carving today.  I'm hoping to convince them that doing it with a Sharpie is as much fun.  Pumpkin guts are disgusting.

*Don't worry, Jen, we don't let her on the couch unless she's actively being therapeutic.  :)

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Rob Monroe said...

Big dogs need to be off the couch, but when they are little like this it's SO worth messing up that part of training. Better to let him know that it's okay to be with his pack when they are not well. :)

I dread the day of not being able to go to parties with Abby - they are SO much fun! I want all of the other parents to be kicked out but to hear "oh, Rob, why don't you stay to help out" from the host family. Every time. Is that too much to ask?!