Friday, May 8, 2009


"You can handle three babies, right Mom?" she just said, as we're watching Monsters, Inc. and waiting for Claire to wake up from nap. "I want three babies. You know, like Karen's baby? I want to name it Kate." (That's really going to tick Mimi off, as she has 'dibs' on the name Kate).

"I want four babies..." she says.

"Tell me more about the babies," I say, as I open up a new post...

"Because they love to get better when they are in your tummy. Because I love to look at the magazines in the bathroom, and I will say, 'Could you read the baby a book,' and the baby wants to read a book because four babies want to read a book because they like books."

"Don't you think that four babies would cost a lot of money?"


"Where are we going to get that money?"

"From the grocery store, to buy some babies."

Do you think she's channeling Angelina Jolie?

"When the baby is two, because it will be two and then three, the babies will be two."

"So you think Mommy should have twins?"

"Yep. A lot of Kates. And then it will be four then five then six then seven then eight then nine then eight then nine then two then one..."

Maybe she thinks I'm the Octomom.

"I'm done talkin about the babies."

Well, ok.

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