Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Chuck!!

Last year I wrote a post listing the 29 things we love about Uncle Chuck. He said it was the nicest thing I've ever done. He's turning 30 today.

30 is a lot of things.

This year, instead, I thought I'd interview the kids about why they love Uncle Chuck.

"Mary Grace, why do you love Uncle Chuck?"

"Because he has Ratatouille and he does things I like the way he does and, uh, he likes me so much that's because he needs a birthday party to celebrate because what kind of birthday party does he want? I'm not sure which one. But, uh, he's like the mostest."

"Is there anything else you want to say about Uncle Chuck?"

"He loves me so much and he likes me best and he puts me upside down. And, uh... He likes all the things he loves, and he likes his dog. He loves us so much."

"Claire? Why do you love Uncle Chuck?"

"I WANT CHUCK!!!" she yells, running to the window to look for him.

Ok, maybe that wasn't the best idea to ask Claire.

Happy Birthday Chuck, you're like the mostest.


Anonymous said...

If uncle chuckie hadn't had such a fun day with his refrigerator, he might have actually enjoyed this post... at least, I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Chuck is definitely the mostest. Happy Birthday Chuck!