Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It was that kind of day...

I woke up in a puddle of MG's pee. Again. She's very stealthy about sneaking into our room at night, and I don't realize that she's there until she pees. Delightful.

Claire had a poopy diaper. Only she wasn't wearing a diaper, she was wearing a Pull Up. Pull Ups have decidedly less tightness around the waist. I didn't realize what she'd done until I was changing her, and I realized all her fingers were the wrong color.

I stepped in cat puke. The cat puke was on the only decent carpet in the house.

I did 6, maybe 7 loads of laundry.

I was going to take the kids to the park, but Claire had such a screaming hysterical fit (in front of two dozen people) at Walgreen's that I couldn't do it, even though I wanted to go. I had to take her outside and sit her in a corner, then go back in. It was gorgeous outside - the perfect day to go to the park. But I can't reward that sort of behavior.

BJ's sick. He has some sort of head cold thing, and feels tired and miserable.

However, I made a great dinner (pork chops, steamed broccoli, risotto, apple sauce), and I snuck out for an hour or so to buy a few cards (Shannyn and Ken had their baby!! Another boy!) and have a coffee in peace. And the kids went to bed really easily, so, I guess I can't complain about life from about 7 pm onward.

I hope your day was less filled with bodily fluids than mine.


strwberrryjoy said...

Aww! Well...after a crappy day (pun intended) it can only get better...and think of how it could've been worse. MG could've peed on you at Walgreens and Claire could've pulled the poopy finger trick next to the chocolates at the checkout...I'm only laughing because it hasn't happened to me yet...but I'm really crying inside...because I'm sure it will because I smiled at your post...

Amy said...

You know that conversation in "Baby Mama" where the mom says, "is that chocolate or poop, is that CHOCOLATE or POOP??" over and over? I have had that conversation, verbatim.

It wasn't chocolate.

Your day will come. It's one of the Mommy Merit Badges.

RobMonroe said...

I was stuck in a meeting - I would have much rather been cleaning up pee and poop, especially after two "motion to extend time" votes... Good news - they voted to require another presbytery meeting to approve the final terms of a loan - so we we will have two meetings in June. F.U.N.

(I really am sympathetic to your plights - I'm sorry and it sucks. Is it child abuse to teach a four year old how to use a washing machine? What if we go back to washboards? Can't hurt herself and it's a usable skill...)

KaityK said...

Sounds like you had quite a day! We all have days like that though. At least it's over now! I wish you a happy Wednesday with much less leakage and such than yesterday! ;)