Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tummy Hurt

For a little over a week, now, Claire has been complaining, once in a while, that her tummy hurts. Her appetite is normal (she doesn't eat much on her best day), and she's "regular" if you know what I mean. It doesn't affect her activity level. It seems to be right around her belly button. If I touch and say, "Does it hurt here?" she'll consistently say yes right around her belly button. She has no fever. She doesn't seem bothered by it otherwise, except that two or three times a day she has to stop what she's doing and say, "I hurt Mommy."

I probably need to take her to the doctor for her allergies, anyway. I'm reasonably certain, given the number of times a day I wipe her nose, that she has seasonal allergies just like I do. But I don't even know how to describe it to Dr. MWMH... "She seems to complain of a tummy ache more often than I'd expect her to, considering that I'm a decent cook?"

Any ideas what it could be? And please don't Google and come back with something scary, because it's a holiday weekend and the soonest I'm going to get her to the doc is Tuesday, and that's a long time to maintain a panic.

In other news, the internet's really quiet this weekend. It's annoying me. BJ's at the race today, which means he left at 6 and won't be home until... 10? 11? Who knows? I think the girls and I are going to get dressed and go shopping. We need another dresser for their bedroom. And cat food.

We know how to party. What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend? Can I come too?

(that sounds pathetic - I meant it to sound funny and ironic - so go back and re-read it funny and ironic, instead of sad)


Have the T-shirt said...

Hernia? Sorry that's the first thing that came to mind.

My baby sister complained of a stomach ache a lot when she was really little, and we all tsk tsked, etc., but it turns out she had an ulcer! Quite young to have an ulcer.

I don't have a real exciting Memorial Day Weekend planned either. I'm working on projects around the house and I have one big job to do for work....and a huge pile of laundry.

Yes, I too know how to party!

Anonymous said...

We're ridin Harleys and yes, you can come. We have one with a side car... girlies are welcome!
xo, Auntie Connie

Anonymous said...

Miss Morgan always has a "tummy ache" right above her belly button...had it checked for a hernia... doctor said no....said it was all part of her gas.. hopefully nothing, but enjoy the visit to the doctor on Tuesday...
:) Mandy

di said...

Can't say that the boys had trouble with the belly hurting. Bet your doc can give you some ideas.
Exciting day here too but fun: took care of Coffee Hour at church(well, 3 hrs) providing snacks, munchies, coffee cake, etc. Hung out at IN Aviation Museum. Ken is in the fields, finally.
Know how to party, too!

Susan K said...

If she is having a lot on nasal drip, she is probably swallowing some and that could give her a tummy ache.

RobMonroe said...

My theory about MG is that she's got... a case of too much awesome mommy food! It happens on occasion to me - good food means I eat too much of it. But it hurts so good... :o)

What are we not doing this weekend? Birthday party? Yup. Help friend move? Yup. Go to the beach? Yup. Call the cops on a neighbor because of their insanely loud music late into the night? Yup.

Today I think we're going to head out for a quick hike, or head somewhere indoors but fun if it gets too hot.

NikiN said...

My first thought is gas. I have this one type of gas that comes when I get too hungry. Maybe it has to do with the acid level in my stomach? I find I can ease it by doing the beetle pose (head on the ground, butt in the air, waiting for gas to rise...)