Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Chuck!

Uncle Chuck with Claire at Christmas

29 things we love about Uncle Chuck:

1) He likes to read (he's an English teacher)!
2) He ran the mini-marathon (13.1 miles) this year!
3) He's silly!
4) He finds awesome presents for the girlies!
5) When we go out for dinner with him, he'll distract the girlies so Mommy can eat!
6) He has a dog named Basha whose eyes are two different colors!
7) He likes to go camping!
8) He's really smart!
9) He's finishing his master's degree at the end of the summer!
10) He lives in Grammaland!
11) He's funny!
12) His laugh!
13) He stops to help damsels in distress when he sees them along the road with car trouble!
14) He's a peacemaker!
15) His glasses (Claire especially likes to try to pull them off of his face)!
16) His photographs!
17) He's a vegetarian!
18) He sings in the car!
19) He cares about people!
20) He cares about the planet!
21) He cares about animals!
22) He knows lots of trivia!
23) He likes to travel!
24) He has lots of ideas!
25) He's a helper!
26) He's got excellent timing, and always shows up just as dinner is ready!
27) He has really good taste in music!
28) He's an awesome uncle!
29) He's an awesome brother!

Happy birthday, Chuck! Love you!

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