Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vote for Us!

I'm so over the presidential primaries! Let's vote on something that really matters - like cute kids!

Go here to vote for MG and here to vote for Claire!

I don't ask for much, but winning a trip to NYC sure would be nice. Vote early and often! Pretend you're a Chicagoan and vote multiple times!

(you can enter your kids in the cover model contest at, but they don't stand a chance against mine!!)

Edited to add: You have to click the stars (5, of course!) and the up arrow (recommend) on each photo to make it count. The kid in the lead only has 31 votes, 16 "recommends," and 2 stars. We can totally take him!

No, I'm not at all competitive, why do you ask?

1 comment:

Rob Monroe said...

I voted for both girls - five stars and an arrow for both. Because I'm competitive, I will not enter the contest this year. You best beware next year though.... :o)