Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Kind of a Rinky Dink Blog Is This?

Sorry kids. I have been remiss in not keeping you posted on the never-ending melodrama that is my life. All of my creative energies have been focused on trying to figure out how to feed a family with no oven and no stove. Yesterday we grilled. Today I remembered that I had an electric skillet, and I made Hamburger Helper in there. It worked so well, I may do it again, even when the stove is working. Between the grill, the microwave, the George Foreman, the electric skillet, and take out, you'd think I could keep everyone fed, right? It's not easy. And i'm totally craving brownies (which you can't make on the grill). Life is hard. I need a toaster oven.

Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary (it is nothing short of a miracle that he's put up with me this long, isn't it?), and we had a super day. We went out for breakfast. Then we came home for a bit. Once Claire got up from nap, we took the bikes and the kids and the dog to the park. Yes, we rode while trying to contain Max. On a leash. In my defense, it was totally BJ's idea.

Does anyone know if they make a leash for use with a dog and a bike?

Anyway, then we came home and had a super dinner (I did a foil packet of potatoes, onions, peppers, and zucchini with lots of butter, pepper, garlic, etc. on the grill, and we had corn on the cob and steak with it, and cheesecake for dessert. Best. Meal. Ever). Mary Grace was so funny, I only bought 5 ears of corn (members of my mom's family will know that 5 ears is about 1.5 servings around here), and she kept asking for everyone else's. Grandpa Bob shared with her, and so did her daddy, but she didn't get any of mine!

After dinner we left the kids with Grandpa and went to the drive-in theater in Monticello. It was so much fun. We used to go all the time when we were dating, so it was a very anniversary-appropriate activity. Kind of like going on a second honeymoon, except on a budget.

Unfortunately, when you go to the drive-in, you're generally out until 2 am. BJ and I are both beat today, but it was worth it.

Nothing much happened today. Too tired. Thought about going to the library, but everyone was fussy and then MG fell asleep in the car. We did manage to get my sister Saundra's baby shower gift, and I am pretty happy with the wrapping (which is NOT easy for me, so yay).

I arranged to start taking the kids to Dawn's house for a while. Dawn is a relative of Karen's husband (cousin? Whatever...) and Karen's kids (Owen and Cameron, you know, my future-sons-in-law) go to her during the day. Since Grandpa Bob's working, and Allison's in Grammaland for the summer, and Justine doesn't get here for another 6 weeks or so, we had to improvise the whole Amy-goes-to-work thing. They're going to be going to her house from 9 am - 2 pm Wednesday and Friday. We'll see how it goes. MG knows that she gets to go play with Owen, and she's excited about that.

Speaking of MG, Mimi bought her a blue sequined dress at a garage sale when we were in Grammaland a couple weeks ago, and I'm afraid that it's become fused to MG's skin. She will not take it off. I have to bribe her. I actually had to take her to McDonald's in the blue dress (long story). It's getting ridiculous. The dress up clothes may have to go live at Mimi's for a while.

We're watching Monsters, Inc. Mike Wabowski! Kitty! Too cute! I have to talk MG into letting me trim her toenails. Ah, the glamor of motherhood.


Jeana said...

Do you have a turkey roaster? You can put a baking dish in it and use it like an oven. I keep mine in the garage and use it in the summer so it doesn't heat up my house.

fran said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!

I think you have the same George Foreman that I have with the different removable plates. I believe you can bake with it, although I have not tried. It would have to be small batches, but you might be able to do brownies. If you don't still have the cookbook, let me know and I check it out for you.