Thursday, May 22, 2008

We've Reached a New Low

No, I'm not talking about totally exploiting my two cute kids for a free trip to NYC. I'm talking about the floor.

BJ was having trouble chipping out the (un)self-leveling concrete around the sink, so yours truly had the bright idea to beat the snot out of it with the sledgehammer, and maybe loosen it up a bit. My theory is that few things can't be accomplished through the liberal application of sheer brute force. I guess I'm kind of a republican that way. Anyway, he thought that sounded reasonable and started pounding. When he stopped pounding, our kitchen looked like this.

I guess he has some pent up frustration.

No, just kidding. But all the brute force did loosen one of the original kitchen tiles - the ones that were laid directly on the slab. Realizing that one loose tile would make it possible to pry up the rest of the tiles, BJ threw the kids, Grandpa Bob, and me out and proceeded to remove the rest of the original brown kitchen tile (probably asbestos, but life is hard) from the kitchen.

My new kitchen floor looks like this:

I think it'll be the next big trend in home decor.

Have I mentioned that my appliances are in my dining room?

I tried to make chili the other night on a hot plate, and I'm pretty sure that I undercooked it. My tummy felt crummy all day yesterday. Ugh. So Grandpa Bob made Applebee's takeout for us last night, and we're feeling much better. Hooray for take out.

I have faith that someday my kitchen will be restored to its former level of organization. In the meantime, I'm just going to pretend that I have a really big kitchen, and that's why the fridge is waaaayyy over there.


Rob Monroe said...

A lot of people would be envious over such a spacious kitchen spread. :o)

Mandy said...

Hang in there! I'm with you. Can't stand the transition phase, but won't it be wonderful when it's done? Have a great weekend!

Jeana said...

DUDE. Just came from Rocks in My Dryer. CONGRATULATIONS!

Octamom said...

This is so funny!!--particularly for those of us who have done the whole renovation thing--how does HGTV make it look so simple and clean and fast??!!! Enjoying reading your posts!