Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Love Letter to My Momgurus

I have been blessed, in my journey from woman to mother, with a wealth of wise, funny, strong, creative, smart women (and men, but it's mother's day, so hush) who have guided me and shaped me with their support, their stories, their encouragement, and their love.

Many of these women are mothers, several are grandmothers, some are aunts, all are friends. Some of the women who have guided me are not yet mothers themselves, but their influence has, nevertheless, been so important in my development as a mom.

I think of you as my Momgurus. Each of you has brought your gifts and your wisdom into my life, and you've shared of yourselves so generously. I could not be who I am today if it weren't for who you are. Being a mother, raising these children, is the most important work of my life. I couldn't do what I do without you.

I'm not sure if it really takes a village to raise a child, but I know that it takes a village to create a mother. Thank you, each of you, for being my village. Thank you for all the love, the laughter, the stern redirections when I needed them, and the gentle pushes when I got stuck. Thank you for giving of yourselves, not only to me, but to the whole community of mothers. Thank you for everything you do.

Happy Mothers' Day.

With love,


Audrey said...

I found your blog through Melanies blog. What a beautiful post. Women are truly wonderful, amazing and awesome people. I just love my female friends. They provide humor when nothing seems funny. They provide wisdom when my mind seems void of any LOL. I could go on and on but I think we both agree...women are pretty terrific. Happy Mother's Day!!

Heather said...

I refuse to allow you to treat me as a momguru... you're doing a good enough job without having my example complicating things! *grin*

Hope your Mom Day was a good one.