Saturday, May 31, 2008

10:00 and All's Well

The night wasn't as bumpy as I predicted. Either that, or I slept through the tornado sirens. We're fine, and the tent/gazebo thing in the back yard is still where we left it, so how bad could it have been?

We had a tornado in Grammaland when I was a kid. It came right up our street. Totally scary. The neighbor's shed was moved off of its foundation, and several big old trees lost big old branches, but it wasn't the kind of devastation you see on the news.

Is there any area that's free of natural disasters? In California you have earthquakes and wildfires. In Florida and other gulf states you get hurricanes. I never hear of tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires or hurricanes in Maine. Maybe we should move up there.

Nah, I like Indiana. And our odds here are a lot better than they are elsewhere. When a hurricane or earthquake comes, it hits a huge geographic area. Tornadoes are localized. What are the odds that my house will someday be in the path of an F4 of F5? Pretty slim, especially since we live at the rim of a valley that overlooks the river. I don't think our geography is correct for tornadoes. They need big open plains to really get cooking.

The long of the short is that we're fine, except that the cat has decided that it's fun to play with my fingers as I'm typing, here, and I keep getting scratched. She is so weird.

BJ and Brandon are going to work on the grout in the kitchen today (I told Brandon last time he was here that he has a lot of sweat equity in our house, as he's helped us with almost every project we've done, and that I felt bad because we haven't really helped him with his house. They bought theirs the same year we bought ours. He said he's planning on cashing it in when he builds his patio. I fear that he may be planning to pave his back yard). Once it has cured for 24 hours, we will be DONE with the lightbulb change that led to a kitchen remodel.

In other news, Grandpa Bob has leased an apartment over on the east side, and the apartment complex has a swimming pool, so our summer just got a lot cooler! I made it clear from the start that I thought it would be cool if he got a place with a pool. "Yes, I have ulterior motives," I said, "but at least, with me, you always know what they are."

That's all the news that's fit to print. What are your plans for the weekend?


Jenn said...

Glad everything was ok, and lucky you getting to go to the pool !

fran said...

You may not hear of tornadoes and hurricanes in Maine, but ever hear of a Nor' Easter? You still get damaging winds and rain and most often snow... feet upon feet of snow. Not bad if you like the cold and snow.

As for this weekend, we are relocating the home office temporarily so we can get it remodeled before Justine gets here.

Do you know of anyone who can use some mismatched office furniture?

kelsey said...

I am so glad you are OK!