Sunday, June 1, 2008

I got the blues

Tonight while we were finishing dinner, Mary Grace was serenading us with her harmonica. We decided that her Blues name is "Soggy Pants." Claire's is "Achey Teeth."


When Grandma and Mimi stopped to pick me up (we went to a baby shower for my step-sister in Indy), Mary Grace was showing them all her stuff. I don't remember why, but Mary Grace saw something and said, "Oh my cow!" She conflated "Oh my gosh," and "holy cow." So, if you hear me saying, "Oh my cow!" from now on, you'll know why.


MG also spent 40 minutes (literally) crying over not wanting to take a 3 minute time out this evening. I think she was punishing me for being gone all afternoon. Her Daddy finally talked her into taking it, so that we could get on with life. Oh my cow!


Grandpa Bob has been saying, "Sit down!" to Climby Claire a lot lately. He always says it in the same tones, and enunciates in a specific way (a way that's hard to describe on a blog). He said it to Claire last night, she was standing on a chair, and she said back, "Sit down!" It won't be long before none of us adult types can get a word in edgewise.


BJ and Brandon finished the grout on the kitchen floor yesterday, and he wiped it off of the tiles today, and it looks awesome! I can't wait to get it sealed and finished, and to put the kitchen back together. I still need to pick a new paint color, but it will be a lot faster to paint than it has been to put in tile. I think it'll be completely finished by mid-week.

Suddenly linoleum makes a lot of sense.


I can't believe it's already June.


Rob Monroe said...

It's June? Shoot, I have a lot of work to get done!

Glad to hear that the light bulb change is almost finished!

Shannyn said...

Hey Mama, you need to put up some pics so we can all see the finished-ish product... AKA the kitchen! I hope it was worth the time and back ache for BJ and Brandon. I hope you're all great!
Call us sometime so we can see you guys before gas is $5.00 a gallon =)