Sunday, June 8, 2008

Graduation Season

We went up to Grammaland yesterday for my cousin Kelly's high school graduation open house. It is so hard for me to believe that she's a high school graduate. It seems like just yesterday, Megan and Chuck and I were teaching her the words to "I'm Too Sexy" so she could sing it at the grocery store on seniors' day. Time really does fly.

She has a huge scholarship to go to Grammaland University, in spite of the tempting offer we made for her to live with us and go to PBland University. I can not understand why an 18 year old wouldn't want to live with her middle aged cousin and her middle aged cousin's small children. Can you?

Wow, I'm middle aged. When the heck did that happen?

Today we're headed up to Ft. Wayne to see my friend Air Force Barbie. She graduated from college. She is seriously the toughest person I have ever known. One of these days I'll tell you her story, but basically she put herself through college by joining the Air Force, spending several years in Germany, and she just became a Lieutenant in the Air National Guard. I can't even spell Lieutenant. She's just awesome, and so I'm going to overcome the fact that my kids are being completely b!tchy and the fact that I am coming down with bronchitis (it's that time of year) to go to her open house and celebrate her accomplishment.

So, I'd better quit procrastinating and get in the shower, if we're going to get there and back today. I'll be in the car from 11 - 1 eastern, so if you've got some time, give me a call.

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