Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'll Teach You All This In Eight Easy Steps

I just read a very interesting article about parenting over at US News. Apparently I'm doing everything wrong.

1. Parents fail at setting limits.

We have limits. "Don't touch Mommy's wine." And how about "I'm not talking to you until Oprah's over." Those are limits, right?

2. They're overprotective.

I can't believe that US News is still hung up on the bubble wrap jumper with matching bonnet that MG used to wear. It was a joke, folks. Build a bridge and get over it.

3. They nag. Lecture. Repeat. Then yell.

If I stop nagging, lecturing, repeating myself, and yelling, I might as well stop talking. That's all I do.

4. They praise too much - and badly.

"Nice hit!" said Mommy, as Claire punched Mary Grace in the nose. (Hey, she had it coming...)

5. They punish too harshly.

I do not think it's too harsh that my kids are already grounded until they're 29. I think it's for their own good.

6. They tell their child how to feel.

I need to remember when they get hurt not to say, "you're okay." Instead, I'm going to start saying, "Rub some dirt in it and walk it off!" That'll cover #6 and #2!!

7. They put grades and SATs ahead of creativity.

I am so pissed about the kids' SAT scores - why else do you think they're grounded until they're 29? They couldn't even fill in the bubbles! Don't get me started about the essay section...

8. They forget to have fun.

I'd be happy to have fun, as soon as someone gets these kids out of my hair.

Ok, but seriously, what are you screwing up as a parent? For me, it's totally the yelling/nagging/repeating/lecturing one.

(Thanks to Parent Dish for the heads up on the article.)

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Rob Monroe said...

I love that limits are not set but punishment is too harsh. Obviously limits have been set if punishment has been doled out.

Now, back to my Tivo'd Supernanny so that I can make myself feel like a good father.