Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Phoning it in...

I am totally a slacker mom today. I have absolutely nothing planned. I canceled the plan we did have (to get pictures taken for father's day - Grandpas? The odds of you getting your Father's Day gifts on time this year are between slim and none). MG is on her third movie of the day, and it isn't even lunch time.

She's keeping food down, but I know I'm living on borrowed time until Claire starts puking, too. And since Claire is littler and fragiler and hasn't had as long to develop her little immune system, I'm counting on her getting it worse than MG had it. She's down for nap right now. Maybe she'll sleep through it?

She slept through the night in her crib last night, which was amazing. The Pretty Babies are far too clingy to sleep in their own beds. They wake up in the night, realize they're in their own beds, and either sneak into mine or cry so that I'll bring them into mine. Thank God we have a king sized bed, or we'd be in trouble.

BJ has a client in town today, so I'm not going to see much of him. I'm still in my jammies, and so are the kids. It's 11:30. But hey, I'm all caught up on my blogs and most of my e-mail, and I even posted that review I've been trying to get done for almost a month. That's a bit of forward progress. They can't all be good days, right? Sometimes "good" means "we all lived through it and nothing got stained."

We've been watching Monsters, Inc. a lot. Mary Grace told me this morning that she thinks we should teach Claire to say "Mike Wazowski!" like Boo in the movie. I have to agree. We'll try, and we'll get it on video if we do.

What do you do with your kids when they're sick, or when they're mostly better (better enough to be bored but not better enough to go out)?


adymommy said...

We have movie days when the kids are sick. During the course of a movie day we each pick out 2 movies and take turns watching the choices. Most of the time that makes 6 movies total. I pick longer Disney type movies and the kids tend to lean toward 30-60 minute movies. We also bring the coloring books and crayons in the living room and color together. My son LOVES puzzles so when he is sick we do lots of puzzles!
I hope all the pretty babies are feeling better soon!

Connie said...

Whatever you do, don't give in... bland diet... "brat diet" banana, rice, apple, toast... no butter, no milk, no dairy period... and for heaven sake don't do what one friend did and give her pepto bismal or you'll have a new description for the horror!
xoxoxoxo, Connie

Amy said...

Oh Connie, too late. MG demanded chocolate milk, and has had a metric ton of it today, but she seems to be keeping it down.

If Claire pukes, I'm going to be cleaning up recycled string cheese and mandarin oranges. It's all she'd eat.

Besides, have you ever thrown up rice? Very unpleasant. :)


Michelle said...

B and I have scavenger hunts! When he was little we would draw pictures and tape them to a location in the house, then you had to go to the next location that was on the picture. Example: draw a refrigerator, when she gets there, have a picture of the bathtub, on the bathtub tape a picture of the washing machine, on the washing machine have a picture of your bed where you are waiting to give her big hugs and kisses. Next it's her turn to draw the pictures and tape them to stuff for you to follow. As he got older, he would write "clues" instead of drawing pictures and I would be led to a big cut-out heart with I love you written on it! It's fun and creative! Hope she feels better soon!