Monday, June 23, 2008

Yesterday's Project

Remember yesterday's project? Well, we got the main structure assembled. It took all day, but that's my fault because I slept late. We got the swings on. We replaced one of the regular swings with an infant swing for Claire. We couldn't assemble the slide because the kit was missing some important washer like things that are split in half, so BJ will make our 5th trip to the hardware store today to pick some of those up. Apparently they're important, and not something that you can just skip (which was my suggestion).

BJ is so funny, he is a perfectionist of the highest order, and so if something is 1/4 inch off, even if it doesn't make any difference, structurally, he can't rest until he fixes it. He doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "close enough." It's what makes him a good engineer, but it's also what makes all of our home improvements take 3x longer than the estimated project time listed on the box. I think he drilled two holes for every screw that's in that thing. Of course, there are so many screws that it's more metal than wood, so I think it'll be ok, regardless.

I put the A frame that holds up the swing beam together all by my little self. I also installed the doohickeys that hold the swings up. So, when my kids fall and bust their heads, I'll have no one to blame but myself. This was by design.

I've been blogging with Scribefire, but it's acting very buggy and I keep losing posts. I've written this one twice. Very annoying. I think it has to do with upgrading to Firefox 3. Hey Scribefire - fix yourself!!

We have gymnastics at noon. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures this time. BJ had the camera last time, but he was too busy trying to keep Claire from imploding to take any pictures. And I was too busy trying to teach MG to line up and to be more than 3 feet away from me without freaking out. Hopefully I'll get some posted later today. I also need to work on putting all the accessories on the playset (the periscope, the steering wheel so you can imagine that it's a bus or a firetruck or whatever, and the rock climbing wall). Oh, and I need to go to work for a bit.

What am I doing just sitting her blogging?? It's a busy day!

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