Thursday, June 12, 2008

"I'm doing my acrobats!"

I heard a rumor from my neighbor that a gymnastics club was operating out of one of the school buildings in town, so today we went to investigate.

Mary Grace (who has been "doing her acrobats" on the couches and chairs for several months now) is now enrolled in a once-a-week gymnastics class for beginning preschoolers.

So, this fall when Allison comes back and she starts preschool, Miss Mary Grace's schedule will be:

Monday: Gymnastics
Tuesday: Allison
Wednesday: Preschool
Thursday: Allison
Friday: Preschool


It's a lot to go from nothing, nothing, nothing to a real schedule, so I'm glad that we're starting gymnastics next week, and that we're going to continue to go to Dawn's until Allison gets back (or until Justine comes, whichever comes first). But that schedule sure looks like a big kid schedule to me. Jeez, if I find a Suzuki teacher, she could have lessons in there, too.

She's getting so big!

So big, in fact, that today while BJ was putting Claire down for nap, she went upstairs, got into her bed, and laid down all by herself. She didn't say a word to me or to BJ. She put herself to sleep.

That has never happened, folks.

She really is getting so big. I'm going to go celebrate by taking a nap.


adymommy said...

We went from nothing to busy overnight! At any given time at least 1 kid is involved in a class/sport and another is signed up waiting for their class to start. It is crazy! I didn't realize how busy 1 family could be. It seems my daughter is the most involved. She had dance, tball, and swim lessons the first week after school was out. Dance is done now but we still have swim and tball twice a week. BUSY BUSY...

She put herself down for a nap! Wow such a big girl! Enjoy your nap.

Jenn said...

I love that as soon as my son could walk he would go get in bed at night as soon as he was tired. The first time he did it scared the crap out of me I couldn't find him and kept asking his sisters where he was , I knew he didn't get outside because I had a chain way up high they couldn't reach, I looked in his room and never seen him playing on his floor, I looked again and there he was all covered up in his bed sleeping sucking his thumb! He still when he's tired will say goodnight and off he goes and he's almost 11 . The girls never did that!