Friday, June 13, 2008

Off the Charts

At Claire's 15 month well-baby visit today, we learned that she has dropped off of the growth chart for weight. She is below the 5th percentile. And not just a little. A lot. She has grown, a bit, since her last appointment, but not as much as they want her to. Her length and head circumference are fine, but she's skinny.

The thing is, she doesn't look skinny. She has chubby little legs and a normal little baby pot belly (I think that we evolved baby pot bellies to off-set our giant baby heads when we learn to walk... Otherwise kids would just fall over). It's not like she looks sickly. Her bones aren't visible. I just don't see that we have a problem here. I mean, if I could choose my own weight percentile, I think it would be NICE to be in the 1st percentile for weight. Right?

But apparently brains are made of fat, and while she's hitting all of her developmental milestones (speaking, walking, banging things together, picking up small objects - especially those that I do not want her to pick up, etc.) we need to give her Pediasure.

I went to Kroger to pick some up on the way home from picking the kids up at Dawn's, and OH MY GOD it costs $12 for a tiny little six pack. What the heck is in this stuff? Jeez. So, if anyone knows of a good Pediasure dealer who can get me a deal, let me know.

In other news, I have a real live question from a real live reader that I'm working on, so stay tuned!!


Mimi said...

Wasn't it the same for MG? I remember that she was skinny too. You just have long, lanky, pretty babies!!

Sarah M. said...

UGH! Welcome to the world of specialty formulas.

The best tip I've heard on Pediasure is that you can get the store brand for a LOT cheaper ;) I know Target has a store brand, as does Walmart. I *think* Kroger might but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, they are the same nutrition and all that and same amount of calories (30 cal/oz) but a lot cheaper. :D

Heather said...

Um, didn't Julie over at A Little Pregnant have a recipe for do-it-yourself Pediasure? Or maybe it was Pedialyte, I don't remember for sure.