Saturday, June 14, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Did I tell you that Aunt Mimi broke her arm? Yeah, she was at a wedding and got violently pushed off of the treacherous dance floor and I have been assured that this incident had exactly nothing to do with any alcohol consumption on Mimi's part. Riiiiiggghhtt...

Anyway, last time MG saw Mimi, Mimi's arm was encased in a bright blue cast. So when BJ went on a golf outing and came home with a bright blue drink koozie (or however you spell that), Mary Grace decided that she broke her arm (when she "was a kid" - a phrase she picked up from Grandpa Bob).

BJ asked me this morning if I'd shown her how to do that. Nope. She figured it out all on her own.

Claire's cast is red.

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The Estrogen Files said...

My kids love that game. I see a lot of wrapped up broken feet here, though no one has ever had that problem!

Rob Monroe said...

That's awesome, funny and a bit crazy!

Jenn said...

How cute is that, love her hair my youngest daughter had hair just like that and still does but now she's 13 and takes the flat iron to it daily cause she hates her curls!

Mimi said...

How cute!! She wants to be like me!!

Are they coming with you tomorrow?