Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad Mommy!

Well, the kids are at Dawn's today, in spite of the wailing and crying and gnashing of teeth that they did when I dropped them off. "Mommy! You can't leave us! You don't have to leave us all the time!!" Ouch.

I'm not fooled, though. She only wants to be at home so she can watch Cinderella all day. She ignores me completely. She's all about her movies. And Claire just cries because Mary Grace is crying. I don't think she even notices that I'm gone, once I leave.

You'd think that I was selling them to gypsies, though, with the way they carry on. It's not like 10 hours a week of daycare is torture. It sure beats 10 hours at the office with me, getting yelled at for touching everything. There's nothing for them to do here. There are other kids to play with at Dawn's, and there are a million toys. These kids, they don't know how good they have it.

Still, I'll be glad when Allison comes back. They never gave me the business about leaving them at our house with her. Maybe because it's our house. Who knows?

Do you think MG would be convinced if I found the study that showed that after age 2, up to 20 hours a week of daycare is actually beneficial to kids and read it to her? "Look, Squirt, it's for your own good, now suck it up and let go of Mommy's leg!"

I'm coming down with a head cold, and it was so tempting to go home and take a nap with no one touching me while the kids are at Dawn's today. Soooooo tempting. MG is clingy to begin with, and when she's sick, she's my little 30 pound blanket. Claire is just little, and she wants to be carried around all the time, too. I actually think, sometimes, when they're not around, that I might just float away.... Or is that the Sudafed talking?

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Rob Monroe said...

Abby still has shown no sign of parental-dependence when it comes to the day car drop off.

I used to play the game of mean-words with my mother. I made her life miserable when I was little and am really surprised she still speaks to me.

I agree that daycare is a much better alternative than sitting and doing nothing but whine in an office setting!