Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For about 20 minutes in 1992, I was cool. And I had another 15 minutes in 1994 when I wasn't a complete dork. I used to like bands like Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants, and artists like Sarah McLachlan. I still do. Fortunately, these bands' members have become parents along the way, too, and they're doing children's albums.

Exhibit A: Sarah McLachlan

1990s - Songs About Heroin

Today - Songs By Frogs

Exhibit B: They Might Be Giants

1990s - Songs about Science that could Only be Appreciated and Understood by People on Mind-Altering Substances

Today - Songs about Geography, No Chemicals Required

And, perhaps most shocking, Exhibit C - Barenaked Ladies.

1990s - Songs about Shoplifting

1990s - Songs about Love

1990s - Songs about Money

Today - Songs about Letters

Today - Songs about Numbers

Today - Songs about Snacks

On second thought, maybe things aren't as different now as I thought.

BJ is waiting for Nine Inch Nails to come out with a bedtime album. Heeeee...


Brandon Stenger said...

I thought Downward Spiral was a bedtime album? The girls love it...

Rob Monroe said...

I love some of the music these folks are making! 7 8 9 is really fun!

Another great is "Three is the Magic Number" by Blind Melon.