Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Best Outing Ever

Wow, you all, we had a blast at the farm. MG was so brave and so good. She fed the chickens and played with Little Baa and patted the oxen and chased the ducks and frolicked with the Goosey Goosey and taunted the peacock and it was awesome!

But BJ rented Cloverfield (really. freaking. scary. Don't rent it. Just don't), and now it's 1 am so I do not have the energy or the time to write all about it (even though I'm too spazzed out to go to bed).

Juno, the other movie we rented, was cute, but I'm saving it and Baby Mama to talk to you about when I talk about the book I'm reading, which I haven't finished yet because I've been going on awesome outings. So. Don't expect a post early tomorrow (Connie!!) because I have a morning playdate and I'm going to try to get to work in the afternoon... I should be able to write Tuesday night, and hopefully I can catch up on all this stuff by the weekend.

Or not, whatever, it's not like I'm being graded on this, right?

(But if I were to get a grade, what grade would you give me? *wink*)

Here's a picture to keep you in suspense:

That's Little Baa. He was so cute and so sweet, and if I weren't pretty sure that it would break all kinds of zoning laws, he would've come home with us.

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Heather said...

What farm did you go visit? 'Cause that looks like fun.