Friday, May 30, 2008

We're in for a bumpy night

We woke up from a seriously late nap to the phone ringing and the tornado sirens going off. BJ was calling to make sure that we were at home and could take cover. With a nod to Bossy, this is what the local weather map looked like.

This is what our regional forecast looks like.

So, um.... yeah. This stuff is always scary with two small kids and no basement.

I'll keep you posted. But if my photos start to look like this -

...send some flying monkey repellent, ok?


Naomi said...

Um, DAMN! Good luck on staying firmly on the ground!!!

Just think though, your house takes off and you get some sparkly shoes....
And you will not have any house work to do if you open your windows..

Rob Monroe said...

Shiny shoes indeed!

Hope you're all well.

Jenn said...

My hubby always is reminding me if it gets really bad to take the baby and get in the hall closet. I find before it didn't bother me but now with the baby it scares me. Hope you are ok !